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All Evergreen Hospice Volunteers will go through the basic class which reviews the background of Hospice and Volunteering.  Specialized training is given to those in your area of interest.  Our goal is to make you feel prepared.

Patient Volunteers

Provide companionship and friendship, offer caregiver help by sitting with the patient so the caregiver can attend to in the home or outside the home tasks. Also, offer grief and bereavement support to families.  

Errand Volunteering

Perform tasks such as picking up groceries, mowing yards, etc.

Office Volunteering

Help with mailings, filing, making copies and special projects.

Community Outreach

Participate in Health Fairs and Events, recruit new Volunteers and supporters.

Evergreen's volunteers are vital to our patient's overall experience. Our company and our patients are extremely appreciative of those willing to donate their time and energy to the patients and families. Call 918.250.5555 to find out about becoming a Volunteer.

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